Get best investment strategies for crypto | bitcoin | forex ..

Get best investment strategies for crypto | bitcoin | forex ..

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Get best investment strategies for crypto | bitcoin | forex ..Capitalist exploits : Get top forex trading strategies 2021| boost your income 500%…Get Best Investment & Trading Newsletter ; avoid Risk in your investments

Website :Capitalist Exploits

Owner: Chris MacIntosh

Price: Free & Paid membership

Who is it for: Investors or Traders from all backgrounds

Overall rating: (4.8 / 5)
(Highly recommended)

Best money manager


What is Capitalist Exploits?

Capitalist Exploits is a company that sells various investment ideas targeting more than 5-10x gains for a low cost. It works like a newsletter where subscription is paid and in turn you get trades that target huge gains.

When subscribed, you get trade alerts and detailed weekly reports about the markets. In addition, Capitalist Exploits provide regular analysis of various sectors and share their investment actions, insights and timing in detail.

You can save plenty of your time because you do not have to search where to invest in. Capitalist Exploits find the best sectors to invest long-term with low risks for you. Thus you can spend more time with your family or friends!

Therefore, customers get investing insights and ideas from professional money managers and investors, with experience in institutional money management, trading, venture capital, and entrepreneurship.

In fact, the founders of Capitalist Exploits made more than 60x gains in the last years with his own investments. The whole team of Capitalist Exploits is real professionals in the investment world.

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Capitalist Exploits is a company built on a unique investment newsletter that offers followers asymmetric trading strategies, as well as other market news. You’ll get ideas on how to diversify your investment portfolios and also the right trading approach to adopt for higher returns.


With reviews such as this, there will always be pros and cons. Before you decide to go down this road, you might want to go through this section with care.

Here are the pros that make this platform worth it:

  • The company features subscription-based services that are packed with values
  • You’ll get a full refund of your money if you’re not satisfied with their services—it’s a 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Possibility of high returns on select investments

Capitalist Exploits is, in short, a popular newsletter that has a subscriber base of over 20,000 investors, hedge funds, professional money managers, and many other smart investors worldwide. It provides you with insider tips and also international trading “signals and calls” that you might want to use yourself to maximize earning potential, and more importantly minimize your risks of loss.”

The service is all info, there is no software that will trade for you or anything like that. You are going to have to open your own brokerage account to perform trades that are suggested to you.

The service is highly praised by respected and very successful investors and has also been featured in Business Insider, Market Watch, etc

Capitalist Exploits; is it a scam?

In short: it is NOT a scam. Capitalist Exploits involves some of the biggest players in the investment industry, many of whom are household names. The site reviews from TrustPilot show that the user experience with this service is world class. TrustPilot has 50 reviews with an overall rating of excellent as the graphic to the right reveals.

This is no small accomplishment as the

service clientele includes over 450 serious investors and professional fund and hedge fund managers. It puts them on par with some of their major rivals in the business like Petra Picks and “Superman” Paul Scolardi and his Superman Alerts services.

Who is the Owner of Capitalist Exploits?

The man behind Capitalist Exploits is no other than Chris Macintosh, and he’s a legit investor with a high reputation.

Capital Exploits
  • Came from a humble background in South Africa
  • Paid his way through a law degree in London by working his way up an investment bank & trading
  • Started a real estate business on the side which quickly surpassed his salary from the bank and gave him more capital with which to trade (he was 21 at this time!)
  • Settled in New Zealand, built up another real estate business that he sold just prior to the 2007/8 crash, at a 64x return on investment
  • Started a venture capital fund, invested $35m into early-stage companies from around the world
  • Sold that, and started a fund, and opened up the research he was doing to readers of his blog – this is the Insider subscription

He is one of these rare money managers that are entrepreneurial, he’s one of the sharpest guys you’ll ever meet, and he has one hell of an impressive network.

The real deal. Not some manufactured guru, the likes of which litter the internet everywhere.


Capitalist Exploits is actually three different projects in one. They offer their free newsletter alongside their main endeavor the Insider trading service for a subscription. MacIntosh and company also have launched a third effort called Resource Insider for accredited investors. We look at each of these various projects within their service in this section.

Product & Service offered?

First of all, there is a lot of free info for members to take part in, and the membership is free.

However, if you want to go deep and potentially be very successful then there are 2 main services offered to you.

Insider and Resource Insider, which is a service for more sophisticated investors who want the best deals that exist in the mining and metals space.

The free material consists of things like:

  • Consistent analysis of asymmetric opportunities to help you navigate the very distorted markets of today
  • Different links to related trading services (recommended brokers, readings and how to create offshore entities, etc
  • And more supporting and educational material

1. The INSIDER material consists of things like($1,999/Year):

  • Trade Alerts (Get email and/or SMS alerts on “Hot trades” that the pros are doing so you can do the same
  • Existing Portfolio(A list of all “buy-rated” alerts and info on when the service is closing the trades)
  • Investor Forum (Connect with like-minded in the insider chat room where more than 450 members are active
  • Newsletter (One time per week you will get a review of the exact trades and opportunities the insiders are looking at, there is also some bonus tips shared to you here
  • Live Q&A – Live webinar with Chris where you get the chance to ask your questions live
  • Video Insights Database (Get access to over 300 videos that answer questions on investing
  • Educational Resources (A wide selection of useful reports and step-by-step guides on different trade topics from A-Z (Includes Bitcoin trading)
  • Access to Guru (The name says it all, this is your customer service function that allows you to get access to Chris and others in the staff
  • The membership fee is $1,999 per year as long as you want to stay a member



2. RESOURCE Insider material consists of things like($3,499/Year):

  • Service targeted for accredited investors with at least a net worth of one million dollars
  • Access to the most exciting private deals in Mining and Energy
  • gold, uranium, you name it! Here you will get all types of commodities and resource opportunities delivered to you
  • Private Placement Deals (You will be provided with at least 10 private placement investment offerings per year, each deal will have a minimum investment range between $2,000-$10,000)
  • Insider Ideas (Get access to a lot of financial and technical research, bonus stock picks, exclusive content in general and site visit reports
  • Networking Opportunities (Make connections with like-minded, and when you are part of a community of people like you, accredited investors with similar goals then you got a new network that is good for all involved)
  • Access to the service gurus (As with the Insider membership you got direct access to both Chris and Jamie Keech, the two service gurus. They promise that members will see great benefits from them both and connect with their networks as well
  • The membership fee is $3,499 per year for as long as you want to stay a member


30 Day FULL Money Back Guarantee

Yes, that is right, you are backed by a full, no questions asked guarantee. So, if you for some reason would not be happy with your membership and service you get you will get your full investment back with no questions asked. That is how confident Chris is that you will appreciate the service.

This is, of course, a big plus (at least in my book) and something that I respect a lot, as many similar services do not offer this type of guarantees. It really says a lot about the quality if you ask me, as the owner (Chris) is very confident, and stands behind his own product to a hundred percent.



Capital exploits ( Recommended )provide the highest quality, straight, unfiltered information and investing insights. Get all this information by subscribing to their services. These investing insights will make your investing safer and more profitable.

You will learn money management and how to invest smart.

For example “Insider” is perfect for investors who have no time to do their own research. Also, Insider can help if you want to invest but don’t know where to.

Capitalist Exploits is a real, registered company with real people behind. Moreover, it is not a Scam or a marketing strategy. It is a legit company with professionals on board.

The team of Capitalist Exploits allows you to follow and copy their investments. In addition, all investment decisions are explained in detail. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so basically you have nothing to lose in testing their services.


Capitalist Exploits : best investment advices











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